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[sharing] - amnesia: the dark descent - game textures!

Well hello there! 8) Another sharepost for y'all :D I was recommended the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent by a buddy of mine in college. I did so, but alas my laptop can't handle it at all, so I decided to get the most out of the game files as possible! :P

Okay, so! The textures are all converted to *PNG format for your convenience, and all of the useful textures are in there; separated into different *RAR files for your convenience.

Architecture & Environment:

Architecture & Environment folder has the largest amount of stuff in it; roughly about 220+ MB. It contains wall + floor textures, amongst other things. Here are a few example images from the folder itself:


Download Links:
[Part 1] (95.78mb) | [Part 2] (95.78mb) | [Part 3] (25.19mb)
Remember, you need winRAR... and you also need to download all three parts of this folder in order to extract them.

Decals & Overlays:

Decals & Overlays is exactly that; here are a few examples:


Download Link:


Objects are... well, the textures from object meshes within the game. Mandatory preview:


Download Link:
Corpses, Gore & Rotten:

Well, I decided that I'd leave the gore and not-so-pleasant images in a separate folder, seeing as some folk are just there for the visual aesthetics. Years of gory games have left me desensitised, so I put everything that might possibly be disturbing to the average user in this file. I'm sure it wouldn't bother most people, but I did it just in case. :)
Well, I hope these resources will be useful for you. Happy creating! ;)
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