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Timesynth Azrael
28 December 2020 @ 00:00
Uh hey. I'm also referred to as technokinesis 
This is my journal for the sims fandom, which also doubles as a venting journal... sometimes. That is all.

TOU: I don't care  - just don't let thehontry1 (sims CP = very bad news) or any paysite whores get their fucking hands on my stuff! My CC is for likeminded simmers to enjoy, not to fret about! /o\ KEEP IT FREE, KEEP IT LIBERAL, SHARE AND SHARE ALIKE. :)


Q: What the fuck happened to Irradiated Metro/Brass Rose?
A: It's something I'd rather forget. But basically the webhost hath slain the foul beast that was IM, and now it's dead. End of story.

Q: What about all these random LJ communities and journals you set up? They confuse the fuck out of me, brah!
A: I... really don't care any more. I've nuked rapture_metro , as I've not the time for it. Nor do I want bootlickers coming about and begging me to keep it. Ain't gonna happen. Eh.

Q: I'm missing download XYZ! I'm gonna dieeeee if I don't get it again :(:(:( *sadface*
A: Tough shit. I'll reupload when I get the time.


Does what it says on the tin. List under the cut.

Goodies here.Collapse )

I think that's all for now. Don't be an asswipe, use common sense, always cover your mouth when you cough, all that shit.
    - Timesynth Azrael.
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Timesynth Azrael
09 June 2011 @ 09:35
Just postin' to say that I'm still here and shit, so yeah. I'm at my gramma's house for the next couple of weeks, cause we're getting the living room floor all stained and varnished... and you're probably wondering why in the goddamn I have to move out for three weeks, but we live in an old house and the living room kinda connects to the kitchen, and the back door, and the garden. So that sucks. :| I hate being up here, it's totally fucked with my routine, and I'm very specific about my daily routine. :|

Education-wise. things are still not-so-good; complications abound, etc. I literally crushed my memory pen with all my coursework on it a couple days ago, leaving me with a month-old backup in a really obscure location on my mum's computer. I don't know what I'm going to do now, but yeah. Least I can hope for is an extension on my submission dates.

I've also been re-referred for one-on-one therapy (which starts on the 15th of this month), as well as group therapy (for other socially derpy phobic people like me) in October. I guess it's a step forward, but yeah, we'll see.

Also, I wanted to say a big hello to anyone who's friended me in the recent weeks/months, and that I'll get back to adding you as soon as I have the time and energy. Real sorry about that, heh. I always feel guilty checking my email and seeing "SUCH AND SUCH HAS ADDED YOU AS A FRIEND", welp. Sorrrryyyy! I really do appreciate the adds. <3

As for simming, welllll, my laptop's broken, my external hard drive decided to die, and I've lost all my old projects/psd files/textures and my gamesaves and sims and UGH. Technology is not being kind to me. Ironic, given that I'm a computing student... doing a diploma... in computing. >:| Maybe I'll reinstall it on my mother's compy when I have the time this summer break, as I want to get ~creative~ and ~artsy~, yet still ~nerdy~, and sims is perfect for such things. <:


Bai-bai! o/

PS: if you're wondering who ViewtifulJoe on #GOS is? It's me. I'll probably come in as a bajilion other video game characters. Just know it's me. Probably. Besides, /whois is a wonderful command. :)
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Timesynth Azrael
22 February 2011 @ 16:40
Well, howdy! Just a quick post to let you know that I'm still alive... and quite possibly doing science. Um... computer science >:D

Had a lot of technical difficulties of recent, hence why I haven't been posting. I currently have a monster of a headache and shall keep this as short and sweet as possible. Add that to a metric shitton of work from college and you have one very busy Timesynth. Anyhoo! Hope y'all are keeping well, and I hope the new year's been good to you all so far. I shall probably have more to post as soon as I get my computer's performance up-to-par. Until then, well... I'll see you when I see you. 8D

Anyway I have to go before my little sister decimates the haus. Goodbike!
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Timesynth Azrael
Hellooooooo. Guess wat, it mai burfday today! If you haven't already been email-raeped by livejournal before now. XD

Guess I should give ya a little update on how I, as in, the Timesy, has been doin' IRL. I'm... okay. I guess, things could be better. But hey! It's christmas CHRISTAMZ tiem, tiem foar joy and merriment and all that assorted lunacy.

So um ahhh... I'm finally getting round to sharing this texture batch from Fallout: New Vegas. I've had it sitting on mediafire for like, nearly two months now, but never got round to posting it all-fancy-like. :P

clickthrough for texture-y goodnessCollapse )
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Timesynth Azrael
Well hello there! 8) Another sharepost for y'all :D I was recommended the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent by a buddy of mine in college. I did so, but alas my laptop can't handle it at all, so I decided to get the most out of the game files as possible! :P

info & downloads under the cutCollapse )
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Timesynth Azrael
10 October 2010 @ 15:28
Okay! I did mention a long time ago that I was ~possibly~ going to write a tutorial on the intricacies and infuriating detail that is the Layer Mask tool in Adobe Photoshop.

This tutorial assumes that you have knowledge of recolouring meshes in BodyShop, and have basic knowledge of how Photoshop works. (i.e. creating new documents, resizing, copying and pasting, use of PSD files...)

read all about it in here!Collapse )
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Timesynth Azrael
13 September 2010 @ 12:24
WELL SHIT AND MEATBALLS. I GOT INTO MY COURSE :D. I dunno where my last week went (COLLEGE TROLOLOLOL IDEK), but it's now Monday and I AM VERY DISAPPOINT. I'm back in on Wednesday, as our timetable as of now allows us 4 days of doing jackfucking shit. I've already made a couple new buddies on the course, I'm so chuffed. <:

Anyhow. I've finally got TS2 reinstalled, and my CC folder is back up to 3GB ALREADY. Pure madness. Just can't escape. I've also broken my game already, seeing as I'm only running Basegame, Uni & Nightlife. IT JUST WON'T LOAD. Guess I know what I'll be spending my day on - 50/50 method. Hurrrr durrr.

ANYHOW. Can has 'nother WIP. Pyxis helped me out in #GOS last night, and I think I may well have made a wall without using homecrafter! (well, I do know it actually works, but I was fidgeting with DXT and DDS shit last night and a bloo bloo bloo) Shame I can't test it though BECAUSE MY GAME'S HYDRAULIXED.

Now, I do believe these are from extracted textures. Probably... um... ah, yes! Found them. Bloodstained's Undying extracted textures.
I was trying to get them to look all two-toned and shieeeet, but seriously, I was working on this last night and I was starting to see COLOUR where there WAS NONE. Aughhhh. So you'll just have to gawk at h/s/l for now ._. Might do a grunge overlay.

And here is your picture of The Now (this was probably my face when I got accepted into my computing diploma) and video (+song!) of The Now (because I was sittin' playin Borderlands on mute. Aphex Twin + Psycho Midgets = FUCKING WIN. In fact, just play sims while listening to Melodies From Mars (featuring some other what-the-fuck-is-this type bands) and you'll see what I mean.)

Soooo. Now that I've stopped babbling, I'm gonna go back to watching the rest of Ergo Proxy. My brain went asplooey after watching 14 in a row yesterday <: Shit was so cash.

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Timesynth Azrael
31 August 2010 @ 13:37
Well hey there :D

If y'all like to lurk on my journal, you probably saw my little "episode" about a week ago. I'd like to first-off thank everyone who left nice comments on said entry. Thank you. I'm fine now. Well, minus the part where instead of getting a place on the Level 3 Diploma in Computing I applied for, I am now number 5 on a (very long) waiting list. Here's hoping half the class drops out!

Regardless, this is the first time I've felt positive about education in a long time (too goddamned long, says I!). Computing is definitely my field (electronic engineering didn't work out so well, but I still got decent grades last July... on what units I actually completed), aaaaand, we get to learn how to PROGRAM, and there's web, graphic & game design elements in it too! Can't wait. And if I don't get a place in my local college, I have a backup application for Belfast Met. College in the same course; only bother would be getting the train up at the crack of fucking dawn every day. But that's a small con, given the amount of pros.

ANYHOW. I'm really posting today to show you a WIP I've been working on. I don't /currently/ have TS2 installed at the moment (fuck you, system restore!), but I need something to do on photoshop so I am shooooow youuu! 8D

I had a lot of SynapticSims' stuff in my last CC folder (which has now been exiled to the recycle bin to make way for a new, shiny, organised (timesy? organised? get.the.fuck.out.) downloads folder!) and decided that some of the textures would be pretty neat for tops. I also nicked a zip texture from Bosie's My Violent Heart set (if I recall correctly), just like I did for my secret santa :P. Note the underboob at present, but I'll probably just like use the patch tool on it and make it [the top in general] unisex. I'll probbably make tee-shirt versions of this too, the sleeveless one will probably only be for females (just a preference of mine :P).

EITHER WAY, critique would be lovely! Colour suggestions, etc, etc all welcome! :D

Fare thee well for now, and I hope y'all enjoyed your summer holidays as much as I did.

Also, have a link to some awesome NEXT LEVEL SHIT \:D/ (It's Royksopp, if you're link-phobic. Just take this as a disclaimer that I've never linked to anything NSFW on this journal, nor will I ever; I know that probably at least one of my friendlings on here is a minor.)

ANYHOW, off on a tangent! See y000o0o0o later! <3
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Timesynth Azrael

Yay! It's one of these annoying Timesy!Share posts again! Seeing as today's Saturday and I'm in an EXTREMELY good mood I am share wit'chu todayyyy :D Sharing what, you ask? Invite codes! For both demonoid.com and dreamwidth.org

So, here's the run-down. I have ten codes for demonoid... I think. kkkayleighh shared a ton of codes with me a while back (which I forgot thank her for actually :O), so that's five from me, and five from her. <:

And I have seven dreamwidth codes. If y'all need a new/alternate journal; can do!

Anyhow, leave a comment on this post and I'll get back to you in a PM with a code. Make sure your privacy settings allow non-friends (if you're not on my friends list) to send you personal messages; else I can't send you a code!

(PS: All comments are screened for privacy reasons.)
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Timesynth Azrael
Well hey there! Between getting my Secret Santa FINALLY sorted out (after a bout of personal issues and a general creativity funk) and recently "acquiring" a boyfriendu, I have been going CRAZY converting textures and stuff from Fallout 3. That being said, I shall stop babbling and get on with sharing! 8D

Textures - Overview:

This is, for all intents and purposes, the entire catalogue of textures from Fallout 3. I did not filter through these (much) and this should be a complete set, organised alphabetically. This set also contains normal maps (denoted as filename_n.png) because I quite frankly can't be bothered to sift through FIVE THOUSAND FILES.

Anyhow, do be warned that these are all in PNG format, and that you shouldn't download too many of these at one time, for your internet might explode or something.

tl;dr - they're in PNG, everything is there (I think) and they are NOT dial-up friendly!

This folder contains 13 rar files. There is roughly 950MB of stuff in here. I spent all day uploading them. My brain is mush.

Meshes - Overview:

And now, extra treat. MESHES. Yes, MESHES! FROM FALLOUT 3!

There are 12 folders, roughly 550MB of stuff. I think. These are subfoldered better, but have wildly varying filesizes. They come in a NIFty (har) *NIF format, which must first be imported into Nifskope. This part's important! You have to import these into Nifskope (huge link to grab your attention OH SHIT YEAH) and then export them as *OBJ. Don't know how? Please, for the sake of mine (and your own) sanity, google it. :)

Have fun, try not to set your knickers on fire, and feel free to narrow down the folders and re-upload! <:
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